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Cash Labs Awarded Fashion Innovation Award at CAFA 2023


Cash Labs, the pioneering innovation agency, was recently honored with the 2023 “Fashion Innovation Award” at the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards (CAFAs). This recognition underscores their remarkable work in integrating groundbreaking technologies within the fashion industry across Fortune 500 companies and iconic brands.

A Visionary Acceptance Speech

David Cash, the enigmatic founder of Cash Labs, accepted the prestigious award and emphasized the importance of the metaverse and XR technologies. He urged the fashion and entertainment industry to dream big, envisioning a future compatible with advancements from giants like Meta and Apple. His words ignited a vision for Canada to lead in culture and innovation.

Cash Labs – Where Culture and Technology Converge


Cash Labs occupies the intersection of culture and technology, collaborating with over 200 brands and generating substantial digital product sales. Their accomplishments include ‘Metaverse Fashion Week,’ capturing the attention of over 1.2 billion individuals worldwide. They are now gearing up for the third edition of this groundbreaking event in 2024.

Revolutionizing Fashion with Technology

This award acknowledges Cash Labs’ relentless pursuit of excellence in merging technology and fashion. Their innovative solutions have elevated brand experiences and set new industry standards, positioning them as a source of inspiration for the sector. The Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards highlight the pivotal role of technology in shaping the future of fashion, aligning it with other distinguished leaders in the industry.

David Cash’s commitment to evangelizing the future of technology in fashion will continue with appearances at Los Angeles Fashion Week and the Next in Vogue Gala. He aims to bridge the gap between culture and technology, creating meaningful change while enhancing consumer experiences.

About Cash Labs:

Cash Labs, lauded as “The leading force in bringing Web3 endeavors to market” by Vogue, collaborates with Fortune 500 brands to drive innovation across XR, AI, Web3, and more. They stand as a boutique innovation agency transforming industries through a bridge of creativity and advanced technology.

About David Cash:

David Cash, a renowned strategist celebrated for award-winning innovations via Cash Labs. His global activations have reached billions, propelling Cash Labs to lead Fortune 500 initiatives across XR, AI, and Web3 technologies.

About CAFA:

The Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards were established to celebrate exceptional achievements and emerging talent in the Canadian fashion industry. CAFA’s mission is to foster a stronger appreciation of Canadian talent through annual awards and year-round initiatives, supporting both established and emerging designers, artists, influencers, and more. It stands as a premier event in the Canadian fashion landscape.

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