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Celebrating 25 Years of Impact: Room to Grow’s New York Gala in Black Tie

Photo: Gabe Suazo

On Wednesday, October 25, Room to Grow celebrated its 25th anniversary with a celebration at the prestigious Ziegfeld Ballroom in New York City. This exclusive event, co-hosted by Founding Board Member Uma Thurman and Room to Grow Founder Julie Burns, was more than a celebration; it was a testament to Room to Grow’s unwavering dedication to positively impacting thousands of families over the last quarter century and a half.

An Evening to Remember

Celebrating 25 Years of Impact: Room to Grow's New York Gala in Black Tie
Photo: Gabe Suazo

In addition to being a lavish affair, the evening raised over $1 million for charity. The event drew a diverse crowd, including longtime supporters, new acquaintances of the organization, and notable celebrity ambassadors. It reflected Room to Grow’s partnership with nearly 6,000 families over the past quarter-century.

Strengthening Families and Communities

At the heart of Room to Grow’s mission is the desire to provide personalized support, foster community connections, and provide essential resources to families. From the third trimester of pregnancy until the child’s third birthday, they are committed to ensuring children have the greatest possible start in life.

Star-Studded Assistance

Photo: Gabe Suazo

A constellation of notable celebrities and business executives attended the gala. Maya Hawke, Patina Miller, Julia Fox, Ms. Rachel, Rebecca Minkoff, Lydia Fenet, Alexandria of Greece, Molly Bernard, and Nancy Twine, the CEO of Briogeo, were among the notable attendees. Their presence at the event highlighted the organization’s significant impact and noble purposes.

The Evening’s Entertainment

The evening featured not only glitter and grandeur but also significant entertainment. The New York City Young People’s Chorus delivered an uplifting performance while DJ Lady S kept the rhythms rolling. The event featured motivational remarks from the CEO of Room to Grow, Akilah King, and the Gala Co-Chairs, Uma Thurman and Julie Burns.

Recognizing Change Champions

Photo: Gabe Suazo

During the gala, the organization recognized the contributions of several individuals and organizations committed to making a difference. Tamron Hall, a journalist who has won two Emmy Awards, received the ‘Champion of Change’ award for promoting equity for families and eradicating disparities in early education resources. The New York City Council and Council Member Keith Powers, the non-profit Boston Bullpen Project, M&T Bank | Wilmington Trust, and Select Equity Group were also recognized.

Room to Grow is fortunate to have the support of several celebrity ambassadors who have enthusiastically lent their names to the cause. Amy Schumer, Rosario Dawson, Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Renee and Matthew Morrison, Elaine Welteroth, Aja Naomi King, Kelly Osbourne, Aminah Imani, Emma Heming Willis, Vashtie, Sarah Michelle Geller, Matthew Lopez, Yaya DaCosta, and Rachel Bilson are among these notable ambassadors. Their participation has considerably increased the organization’s visibility and mission.

Explore More

Visit if you’re interested in Room to Grow and want to learn more about their remarkable work and impact. Since its founding in 1998 by Julie Burns, Room to Grow has assisted thousands of families. Their three-year program provides crucial assistance to families parenting infants born into low-income situations by providing strategies and support for the development of their children. In addition, they provide essential items for infants and toddlers and links to community resources that can meaningfully expand their support network.

Last but not least

The 25th-anniversary gala of Room to Grow at the Ziegfeld Ballroom was more than a night of celebration; it demonstrated the organization’s profound impact on tens of thousands of families. The generous funds raised at the gala will allow Room to Grow to continue its mission of supporting families, creating communities, and providing every child with the greatest possible start in life. With its founders’ unwavering dedication, influential figures’ support, and celebrity ambassadors’ commitment, Room to Grow is poised to make an even greater impact in the coming years.

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