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The People’s Choice Awards saw Chris Pratt win Best Actor for “Onward”


Chris Pratt has captured people worldwide with his charisma and talent in the entertainment industry. He received praise for his performance in the animated movie “Onward,” as well as for the film’s exceptional storyline and emotional complexity. We examine the development of “Onward” and Chris Pratt’s People’s Choice Award victory.

Touching Animated Adventure: The Magic of “Onward”

The endearing animated picture “Onward,” directed by Dan Scanlon, takes viewers on a charming voyage in a contemporary fantasy world. Pratt, who gives the part personality and heart, voiced Barley Lightfoot. The movie’s story incorporates themes of family, adventure, and the enchantment of everyday life.

Excellent Voice Acting by Chris Pratt: Bringing Barley to Life

Chris Pratt’s voice work as Barley Lightfoot is evidence of his acting flexibility. He expertly gives the character a relatable sense of adventure, warmth, and comedy. Barley became a well-liked figure in animation thanks to Pratt’s performance, which connected with viewers of all ages.

Triumph of The People’s Choice Awards: Celebrating Fan Appreciation

“Onward” won exceptional storytelling and emotional impact honors at the People’s Choice Awards. The movie’s success was largely due to its audience’s capacity for deep emotional connection. Barley Lightfoot became a figure that viewers could relate to, largely thanks to Chris Pratt, who received praise for his work on the project.

An Impactful Story of Brotherly Love

The Heart of the Story

“‘Onward’ is primarily a story about brotherly love and two siblings’ incredible journey to be back in touch with their father. Both critics and viewers appreciated the movie because of its capacity to touch the heart and stir up memories.

Impact and Legacies

Beyond the Screen

“Long after their release, ‘Onward’ and Chris Pratt’s unforgettable performance has stayed in fans’ minds. Resilience, family, and the value of embracing life’s adventures are all values that the movie conveys and have left a lasting legacy.


Here, we adore “Onward” and Chris Pratt’s superb voice work, which gave the movie’s characters life. The accolades and praise the movie got at the People’s Choice Awards demonstrate how well it may emotionally connect with viewers. As we take in the story of “Onward,” we are reminded of the animation industry’s everlasting importance of storytelling and the significant influence it can have on our lives.

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