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The World Teqball Championships will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2023.

Photo: Teqball

Bangkok, Thailand, located in Southeast Asia, is slated to become the focus of all the athletic action when it proudly hosts the World Teqball Championships in 2023. We are happy to give you an in-depth look at this historic occasion that will enthrall competitors and spectators as lovers of this exciting sport.

How Teqball Grew

Teqball, a combination of table tennis and football, has quickly become popular worldwide thanks to its distinctive balance of athleticism and ability. Players use various portions of their bodies to volley a football over the net while playing on a curved table that resembles a ping pong table. It’s a thrilling sport that requires quick reflexes, agility, and precision.

A Universal Showcase

The World Teqball Championships, which draw elite competitors from all over the world, represent the peak of teqball excellence. With the men’s and women’s divisions participating at the top level, this competition exemplifies the sport’s diversity. Athletes from all countries and backgrounds congregate in Bangkok to show off their prowess in this enthralling sport.

City of Hosts: Bangkok

Bangkok’s “City of Angels” provides the perfect setting for this famous competition. Bangkok offers a wonderful experience for competitors and spectators because of its colorful culture, stunning temples, and mouthwatering cuisine. The city’s cutting-edge facilities and infrastructure make it the ideal location for holding such a significant sporting event.

The Location: Top-Notch Facilities

Modern Bangkok sites have been selected for the championship to ensure ideal playing conditions and an unforgettable spectator experience. These facilities have first-rate amenities to ensure competitors’ and spectators’ comfort and convenience.

Talent and Sportsmanship Festival

Athletes will demonstrate their skill on the teqball table in front of a global audience, demonstrating the grace and ferocity of the sport. The world champions in the singles and doubles divisions will be crowned following a series of thrilling matches that make up the championships. The match promises ferocious rallies, deft ball handling, and astounding agility.

Encourage Innovation

The World Teqball Championships 2023 uses innovation in the digital era to captivate a worldwide audience. Through social media updates, interactive multimedia, and live streaming, fans worldwide can keep up with the action. Teqball enthusiasts worldwide may take part in the thrill because of this dedication to digital outreach.


Overall, the 2023 World Teqball Championships in Bangkok, Thailand, will blend entertainment, sport, and culture. It’s a celebration of athleticism, sportsmanship, and the attractiveness of the ball around the world. We welcome you to go on this exciting trip with us as we watch history being made as we excitedly await the finals.

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